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 "The Space For Nature Wildlife Gardening Forum is website for people interested in the wildlife in their gardens and for gardeners who want to actively encourage wildlife. I believe that gardens are an increasingly valuable habitat in real terms for wildlife, and that they are uniquely positioned, as accessible natural spaces, to influence our behaviour and attitudes towards the wider environment. Space For Nature is a site for both naturalists and horticulturalists; recognising the importance to wildlife of even the most formal gardens, and striving to promote the attitudes and practices which can increase their value still further."

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You can contact Space For Nature by sending an email to the site editor

I would be delighted to hear from you and would particularly welcome:

  • feedback on aspects of the web site, such as style, ease of use and usefulness;
  • suggestions for feature articles;
  • your own contributions - I want as many people as possible to contribute to the site, so talk to me if you have an idea for a feature or pictures etc.;
  • notification of noteworthy events (both recent and forthcoming) for the news section;
  • suggestions for links to other websites (for the links/references section);
  • notification of factual errors or inaccuracies on the site;
  • suggested improvements to the site.

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It is very important to me that the content of Space For Nature remains accessible and useful to as many people as possible in order to maximise the benefit to our natural environment and communities. For this reason, it is the general policy of Space For Nature that site content, e.g. feature articles and images, may be freely copied, distributed and so on providing that;

  1. they are not modified;
  2. the purposes to which they are put benefit the natural environment;
  3. the purposes to which they are put are not for commercial gain;
  4. the original author (artist, photographer etc.) is credited.

Copyright remains with the author (artist, photographer etc.) and is protected under British and International law. Please refer any questions about copyright to Space For Nature.



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